CBSE National Aerobics Championship 2018

21st - 24th November, 2018




  1. Tournament will be conducted on knock out basis.


  1. Each team consists of minimum 6 players and maximum 8 players in fitness team. For sports aerobics 1 boy and 1 girl in each age group.


  1. Attire (Uniform):
  • For women: Leotard, two piece, tights, close fitting tops & pants and supportive aerobics shoes. The top section of a leotard or two pieces must have arm or neck sections attached to it.
  • For men: Shorts, bike pants, close fitting tops, supportive aerobic shoes, wristbands and strapping are allowed.


  1. Aerobics shoes will be compulsory for all the players.


  1. No school will be permitted to participate unless online discipline-wise Entry Performa has been filled. The same shall not be accepted by hand.


  1. No team will be permitted to participate unless accompanied by a teacher/coach designated by the participating school Principal.


  1. In case of Girls participants, one of the accompanying officials must be a female.


  1. No team shall be accompanied by any parent.


  1. All expenses on items like travel, food, kit etc. will be borne by the participating school.


  1. Each team should bring mosquito repellent (e.g. All Out, Goodnight), lock & key, torch, soap, toothpaste, towels & top sheets (for hygiene) and medicine (as required by the players).


  1. The school will not be responsible for loss/ misplacement of any valuable items or belongings of the team. Responsibility to look after mobiles, cameras, cash and belonging lies solely on the participants. The participating teams are not allowed to carry any jewellery, hard cash, weapons, etc.


  1. The outstation teams of boys and girls will be lodged separately in the school premises. The teams interested in availing lodging facility must inform the host school on or before  10th October 2018.


  1. The participants are advised to come with proper woollen clothes & blankets.


  1. Each participant/school must remit Rs. 350.00 per head per day against lodging and boarding. Money will be collected against boarding and lodging on full day basis and no part payment will be collected and the participating schools will not insist for refund of part payment.


  1. It is compulsory for outstation teams, staying in the school, to have their meals in the school. For local teams, provision of meals will be made on prior intimation.


  1. All teams have to deposit Rs.2000 as security deposit, the same will be refunded at the   time of check-out.  If any damage is found, the same will be recovered accordingly.


  1. Every participating team shall carry with them the required documents as mentioned under the title ‘Eligibility’.


  1. Each team will carry their school flag for the March Past and for various other events. Participation in March Past is compulsory, failing which the right to participate can be forfeited.


  1. A junior player can be permitted to play in senior age group, and then the participation in the original group will be forfeited.


  1. Age Criteria for participation:  A player shall be under 11; 14;  & 19 years of age on 31 Dec, 2018.
  • Under 11 years: Born on or after 01.01.2008
  • Under 14 years: Born on or after 01.01.2005
  • Under 19 years: Born on or after 01.01.2000



  1. The student/player studying in classes IX and X, must provide CBSE registration number and Class X Pass Certificate (in case of XI & XII Class student).


  1. Each team must carry a team group photograph (with Principal) along with Entry Performa and Aadhar Card, counter signed by Principal.


  1. Disagreement/protest of any kind will be lodged in writing by submitting Rs. 1000/-.


  1. The decision taken by the Jury of Appeal will be final and binding.


  1. School withdrawing from the competition without informing/requesting the Organizing school, will be penalized with a penalty or Rs.1000/-.
  2. Opening Ceremony : 21st November, 2018 & Closing Ceremony: 24th November, 2018.
  3. For any query kindly contact at  
  4. Note: The tournament will be conducted as per the rules and guidelines given in the CBSE Inter – School Sports and Games Competition Calendar 2018-2019. (


Note: For any query related to CBSE National Aerobics Championship contact at : 7011893936 


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Result : CBSE National Aerobics Championship 2018