Hubs of Learning

CBSE creates ‘Hubs of Learning’ to encourage collaboration among schools

The CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) has decided to form groups of 4 to 6 neighborhood schools that will collaborate various aspects of teaching, training and academic reforms. The group of schools thus formed will be 'Hubs of Learning' and will promote a culture of resource sharing among the students.

"The main aim of this collaborative partnership between schools is to create an ecosystem for the schools to effectively take up all-round self-improvement. This collaboration will not only allow exposure to best practices, but also the possibility of adaptation or replication of these practices," a statement released by CBSE said.

CBSE also emphasised that small schools with limited resources can teach as much as any large school with several resources.

Through this initiative, schools in the area will be able to share a range of ideas, instructional and assessment strategies which would help individual teachers to improve classroom practices and contribute to their continuous professional development.

The areas on which the schools are expected to collaborate which includes academic collaboration, resource sharing, professional development of teachers, staff, systematic reforms, etc.

The 'Hubs of Learning’ (HoL) will meet frequently once a month and will have to keep a record of all the activities they undertake jointly.


Member School under Hubs of Learning


Salwan Public School, Gurugram Chairperson Ms. Rashmi Maik
Aditya Army Public School , Mewat Member Ms. Usha Verma
Rose Land Public School Member Ms. Poonam Sharma
Shri Ram Senior Sec. School, Bhora Kalan Member Mr. Ravinder Yadav
Dhankar High School, Farukkhnagar Member

Mr. Sunil Kumar Sharma

Saraswati High School, Gurgaon Member Ms. Veenu Chauhan

Minutes of Meeting of First Meeting of HOL Schools

Minutes of Meeting of Second Meeting of HOL Schools

Hubs Learning Meeting


Training Calendar 2019-20