Mini Zoo

The Tiny Tots are made aware of our environment. Love for wild life is generated through the pet care project. The animals of this project include ducks, rabbits, parrots, parakeets, a variety of pigeons and fish.


Common Name : Hen
Scientific Name : Gallus gallus
Family : Phasianidae
Food : Seed fruits plants and Insects.
Habitat : Mostly all parts of the globe except countries with extreme weather


Common Name : Duck
Scientific Name : Anatidae
Food : Grasses, aquatic plants, fish, insects, amphibians, worms, and mollusks.
Habitat : Ducks are found in both fresh water and sea water. They cannot survive in very cold places.
Places : Found everywhere in the world except in Antarctica.


Common Name : Rabbit
Family : Leporidae
Food : Grass, forbs and leafy weeds.
Habitat : Rabbits are ground dwellers that live in environment ranging from desert to tropical forest and wetland.
Places : Europe, Australia, Spain, Asia and several other parts of the world.


Common Name:Pigeon
Scientific Name:Columba livia
Family: Columbidae
Food: Seeds, fruits and plants.
Habitat: Rocky cliffs, suburbs and farmlands
Places: :Southern Alaska, Canada and several other parts of the world. This project has a scientific focus and teaches children about different animals, their life and what they need to stay alive and be well. Pets require love & affection. They are our best companions and you need to treat them well.